Go Spartans!

Saint Anselm students may participate in the athletic programs provided by the Saint Anselm Parish Athletic Association. The purpose of the athletic program is to encourage students to participate in athletic games, thereby fostering physical and moral growth. Besides the competitive CYO sports, the Saint Anselm Athletic Association encourages and supports intramural competition in many other sports.

The Saint Anselm Athletic Association offers a variety of athletic programs for boys and girls in grades 3-8. These are football, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and track & field. Last year our programs won three city championships. Our 8th-grade boys won the football championship as part of the Geauga Lions. Our 7th-grade girls volleyball team and 8th-grade girls track & field teams both won city championships as well! Several of our teams have also won CYO sportsmanship awards.

The development of a good intramural and CYO program depends upon the assistance of volunteer parents. Accordingly, Saint Anselm welcomes the help of any Saint Anselm parent in athletic activities, and specifically the Saint Anselm Athletic Committee.

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