Admission and re-registration to Saint Anselm School are on an annual school year basis.

Re-registration of students already attending Saint Anselm School: Families whose children already attend Saint Anselm School will be required to re-register for the following academic year. This re-registration will take place during the last week in January, and must be confirmed by the payment of the non-refundable registration fee.

Registration of New Students: Registration of new students takes place during the second semester after the re-registration of the current school membership has been completed and the number of available places has been determined.

Students entering from other schools are required to meet with the principal. They must present the most recent report card from the school they attended, a birth certificate, and a baptismal certificate as it applies. Before acceptance is finalized, all test scores, grades, and discipline records must be provided to the principal. If transferring from another Catholic school, the family must present a letter stating that all financial obligations to the previous school have been met.
Registration is confirmed when all the required forms, payments, and records (legal, academic, and health, etc.) have been received by the school office. All new students are on academic and behavioral probation for the first semester of the new school year or for two quarters following their acceptance to Saint Anselm School.

Kindergarten and New 1st Grade Registration: Children entering Kindergarten must be five years of age by September 30. Exceptions to this policy will not be made. Research indicates that children who are too young for the grade, no matter how intelligent, run a greater risk of encountering social and emotional problems, even though they may achieve scholastically. All incoming Kindergarten children will be screened in the spring or at the time of entrance in order to determine readiness.

Children entering Grade 1 must be six years of age by September 30 and/or provide evidence of successfully completing Kindergarten in an accredited school. Students new to the school may also be required to be screened.

Registration for Kindergarten and the new First Grade children is held in January. Applications are considered according to the admission priorities.