Faculty Statement of Belief

The Purpose of Catholic Education
We believe that the purpose of Catholic education is a commitment to nurture the spiritual, academic, and social growth of students in an atmosphere that embraces our Catholic values so that they may become contributing members of society;

Student Learning and Achievement
We believe student learning and achievement is the result of a challenging yet supportive learning environment; instruction that addresses a variety of learning styles; and the expectation that all students can succeed;

We believe instruction should include a variety of techniques in order to meet the needs of each student. Instruction should motivate, encourage, and empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill their potential;

Role of Curriculum
We believe the role of curriculum is to serve as a guide to facilitate instruction, to provide a framework for continued growth in knowledge from year to year while incorporating Catholic values and reinforcing good citizenship;

We believe assessment is to be varied in utilizing both formal and informal methodologies that address a variety of modalities to accommodate differing learning styles;Continuous Improvement
We believe continuous improvement occurs through collaboration, purposeful evaluation, commitment to professional growth and development, and continuing, life-long learning;Leadership for Continuous Improvement
We believe that leadership for continuous improvement must be a partnership between administration and staff in serious commitment to collaboration, assessment of needs, and the establishment and working toward the attainment of goals, both personal and school-wide;

Community Building in the School
We believe students, parents, faculty and staff, work together to create a loving community where students are empowered to reach their potential, and in which each individual is valued and welcomed, and the Gospel message is evident;

Christian Service
We believe that Christ calls us to serve others. Christian service is living the Gospel in real and concrete terms. Such service is to be fostered and encouraged continually;

Faith Formation
We believe that faith formation begins within the family and is enriched and supported by the climate and culture of the Catholic school as it seeks to reflect God’s love and goodness.